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My Mother

I have been thinking a lot about my mother today. We haven't talked in about a year.

Whos fault is it ? I guess you can blame both of us.

Today I want to talk good things about my mom, not as a mom or Grandma. I want to talk about what kind of person she is in general.

My Mother is one of the kindest woman I know. She would do anything for anyone. She makes friends easily because she can talk to anyone, just start a conversation.

She's funny and is always the laugh of any gathering or party.

She has always went out to listen to Newfoundland music and she is the best dancer I know. When i got old enough to go out with her sometimes, I didnt dance, I was to shy and had no confidence. But I would watch my Moms every move, I was always in awe. She could moves those feet so fast.

My love of newfie music came from listening with my mom. Both of us has nothing but love for newfoundland music. To this day, when listening to it makes my heart and soul happy.

I love my mother. When i first came to ontario i just wanted to be like her, I just loved her personality. I watched everything she did so I could learn from her.

She is an amazing cook and baker. I loved going to moms and have her cooking.

Actually the first thing I always did when I went to her house was look in the fridge, she always had newfie food, The second thing I did is sneak into her room and look at all the clothes she had hanging in the closet. She has always had beauiful clothes and I was envious..

Will be continued but I love my mom no matter where she or me is.

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