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My Foster Mom

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

I don't remember a lot from age 7 till 10 years old. The one thing I do remember is that I loved my foster Dad and Mom. They were both nice to me and kind.

My Foster Dad had never raised his voice at me.

I always felt safe with my Foster Mom was home. I never liked it when she wasn't there, I felt like she protected me.

My foster Mom had 6 kids, Daniel, Michael, Emma, Ashley, Ryan and Anna. I'm not sure of all their ages. Some had left home for work and came home on the weekends. Ryan and Anna were the youngest, I grew up with them till i was 18 years old.

My foster Mom was a brave lady taking in such a young child after having six of her own. She had a lot of patience. She inspired me as a child. I wanted to grow up and be a foster parent like her, but unfortunately that wasn't in the books for me.

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