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My best friend

My first time going to Sunday school after going to live with my foster parents. I met my childhood best friend. I was sitting alone and this girl came up to me and asked if she could sit with me, as I was all alone. Her name was Emma, who was also being raised by her Aunt Ina. We had something in common that we both didn't live with our parents. Where you seen one you would see the other, as they would say about us. We did everything together. I spent more time at her place because my place was too crowed, more kids there.

During the time I lived with my father I didn't get to hang out with Emma as much as I liked, my father was very strict with where I went and who I hung out with. He didn't care much for her because he was jealous of who I spent time with.

She was everything to me. My only friend I had except my cousin Donna, who I would hang with sometimes, but Emma was my favorite person.

I'm not sure how she put up with me because i had a bad temper and would get pissed off quick at times. But we never stayed mad for long, 10 minutes and it was all forgiven.

We were best friends until I had to take grade 7 over again. We kind of drifted apart and she started hanging with other girls. I had no one after that. Basically during breaks at school I hung out alone. We still hung out at times after school but it was never the same. I was jealous that she hung out with other friends she had. I felt completely alone. I didn't blame her for having other friends, she was the best friend you could ever find.

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