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Living with my father (2)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Continuing talking about my white dress, it was my favorite dress.

I don't know if some of you remember the 2 piece dresses back than. The dress was like a sundress with a little jacket over it. I still remember having to stand there watching him throw my pretty dress in a wood stove and watch it burn. That wasn't the last dress he burned of mine.

My dad treated my brother and sister bad as well. I remember one Saturday during the day he got mad at my brother for something, don't remember exactly what it was. He threw a boot at him and I was crying, telling him to stop hitting him, I loved my brother with all my heart. But he kept doing it and my brother looked up at him and said, flies are tick tonight, while he was rubbing the arm that got the boot. My dad continued to do it a few more times, but my brother would never give in.

Another time my sister got in trouble and she went and hid under the house where there was an opening. My father told me to go get her and I said, Dad, I'm scared of the dark. He said I don't care just go and get your sister, he was drunk as usual.

Like I said they got hit a lot, probably more than me sometimes because I was like his wife, that's how he treated me, like his wife. I took the place of my mother.

One thing my sister and brother didn't have to do was stay up till my father got home on Friday or Saturday. They went to sleep normal time and I had to stay up and wait, they were luckier than me in that way. I guess none of us were lucky.

Every Saturday night was the same over and over again for about a year.

The way he treated us all was bad. I don't remember any good times.

He had a friend come visit one Saturday. I was in the bathtub and he let that man come in and see me naked in the tub. I was so embarrassed.

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